By 1970, Chrysler pulled a coup d'eta in the powerful pony car market, dropping the powerful 426 Hemi into its new offering, the Dodge Challenger!
The Challenger was Dodge's late entry into the pony car market.  It and the redesigned Plymouth Barracuda shared this market.  The two cars, however, did not share body panels, despite their similar looks.

  For those who thought the Challenger still represented muscle, the R/T option was the way to go.  This included a performance hood, heavy duty suspension, and brakes, and a choice of full length or bumblebee stripes.  The rallye instrument cluster consisted of a tachometer, clock, trip odometer, variable-speed wipers with electric washers, 150-mph speedometer, and an oil pressure gauge.  F60 x 15 raised-white-letter tires provided rubber for the road.  Customers could order the R/T and SE packages together.

  The 383 with 330/335 horses came standard in the R/T.  Additional engine options for the Challenger R/T included the 375-hp 440 Magnum (single four barrel carb), the 440 Six Pack (390 hp), and the 426 Hemi which produced 425hp @ 5,000 rpm, and 490 lbs-ft. torque @ 4,000, which powered the Challenger through the 1/4 mile at 14.1 @ 103.2 mph.  The top speed was rated at 146 mph.  425 hp??

  Other options included back window louvers, raised rear deck spoiler, front spoiler, "shaker" hood, a fiberglass hood with scoops, "tuff" steering wheel, and racing mirrors in either chrome or keyed to the body color.

  Of the 76,935 Challengers produced for the 1970 model year, only 13,796 of them were R/T hardtops.  Of that number, 287 R/T hardtops came with a Hemi.  Nine R/T's were convertibles, and only 60 R/T Hemis left the factory with the SE packages.  In all the Mopar products, 1,543 Hemis made their way into cars in 1970, the fourth highest production year for Hemi cars.
After 1971, the 426 Hemi was gone for good.....

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